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The TGA Academy for Adults maintains the philosophy and methodology but adapted to Category Senior.

In this way, we foster a more playful and social environment, creating a very pleasant and positive atmosphere that helps increase social relations amongst our students.

We organize leagues, mixings, tournaments, dinners, etc …

The TGA Academy for Adults is divided into different levels to suit all players, from those found in a learning phase, to those seeking participation in Senior tournaments.

It is the stage at which we begin to work the technique in a more analytical and progressive way, applying a teaching method in which the player progresses slowly with progressions and more complex exercises, reaffirming the technical process and starting players in the tactic with the creation of a pattern of primary set.

In this phase, the TGA method is developed through a combination of the overall analytical system using the reciprocal exercises. Thus we get the player to control their movements, improve speed, depth and height of the ball and improve overall technique.

At this stage we begin to work special moves (effects), using the advanced overall teaching in combination, analytical and global method. We manage to reaffirm the player’s technical and learning system footwork and variants. We also initiated advanced tactics.

The TGA methodology is a comprehensive system with a Drills system, combined and fixed exercises, etc. At the tactical level game situations and its different forms, rhythms simulated game, precission and percentages.

Creating a consistent play and with a rhythm.
Application of different variants of play, working the concepts of anticipation and
using percentages.
We work looking for acceleration and power strokes, footwork, flexibility and balance in the diffeent areas of the track.
The player is introduced to racing tactics, game situations, planning and use of different types of game players.
We work increased concentration, visualization exercises, situation, pressure and tempo. We get the player to master techniques of relaxation, breathing and rituals. We foster self-confidence, positive attitude and enjoyment.

TGA Sennior

Aimed at older than 18 who wish to improve their tennis and seek sennior competitions.

For all levels and in groups of 3-4 students per session.

Monday – Sunday:
9:00h to 22:00h

365 days a year.

TGA programmes can be performed in all TGA Racket Centers:

Racket Centers TGA