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The TGA High Competition Aademy was created with the objective of maximizing tennis performance of each player. To do this, TGA has a strong, experienced and quality structure. For those players that stand out, they will be routed to professionalism or a scholarship at
University in the United States.

This is achieved with a training methodology in which the player will assimilate and master technical, tactical, physical, mental, psychological, nutritional concepts, and ethical and moral values ​​consistent with our philosophy.

Our focus is on providing the highest level of player workouts and the highest level of competition.

Our players, depending on their level and profile, access : local tournaments, national tournament, Tennis Europe ( Sub12 , Sub14 and Sub16 ), Tennis ITF Junnior (all grade levels), Futures, ATP and WTA.

In the Tennis Group Academy  Team there players outstanding such as : Angel Guerrero (Junnior Nike Tour Champion Zaragoza 2013 and semifinalist in the Master Nike 2013) , Cristian Lerby ( Semifinalist in the Dutch Championship Sub14 Final Table at the Orange Bowl 2013), Hsing Tseng (Winner of Rafa Nadal Sevilla Tour 2014 and 5th place in the 2013 Orange Bowl), Gabriella Taylor ( ITF Ranking Junnior 51 Under 18, round of Junior Wimbledon in 2014 and passed the first round at Wimbledon Women) and Javier Martí ( Ranking 170 ATP).


TGA has developed their own method of work and suitable for all ages, allowing to
dominate all shots with a simple and clean technique. Thus, each player will achieve the highest level of play through daily training programme that enhances all technical skills, physical, mental, and tactics.

Each player has a technical report, objectives, a roadmap and a calendar of trainings and tournaments 100 % customized.

  • Special importance of exercises like Ball Viva, Competition exercises Drills and exercises.
  • We pay attention to the openings of the blows, the balance and the body balance.
  • We take special care that the player learns to vary : depths , heights , speeds, effects and hit direction.
  • We work footwork with the TGA method, seeking the player spends little energy when moving around the track and making the player to move very fast and hold a good position behind the ball, obtaining a better precision in his punches and minimizing the risk of injury.

We teach the player to compete in the different areas of the track and surfaces, prioritizing the coaches on clay.

Attack, defense, counterattack, etc. Different game situations are worked upon.

We teach close plays, optimize the left and swing volle, play with the score, identify key games, balls break, close games, tie breaks, etc.

We work the mental aspect inside and outside the track, creating similar situations to those of the competition during training.

We help players keep a high level of concentration, which overcomes their doubts and fears and overcome the obstacles that are in competition.

Domain body language, rituals concentration, goals, objectives, and above all, the enjoyment of the player in any game situation.

From a biomechanical analysis and an physiological study (conducted by our medical team) provides Personal Training Plan, which aims to:

  • Achieving maximum physical tennis performance.
  • Prevent injuries.
  • Maximum strength and improve Player Power, Strength, Balance, Elasticity, Coordination and Reaction Speed​​.

We educate our players about the importance of having healthy eating habits and instill a food culture, to know the different types of food (carbohydrates , proteins , fats , etc …) and their nutritional characteristics.

In addition, we mark the guidelines for a specific feed before and after the game, explain the importance of being properly hydrated during play and other esential nutritional aspects for professional athletes.

To practice in all playing surfaces.
Racket Centers TGA
We seek accommodation to our players.
Transport and support to local, national and international tournaments.
We manage the enrollment of students in schools in the area.
Aimed to players with perspective toards Professional Competitions seeking for a Full -Time training.

Aged between 10 and 18 years.

Tennis Europe Sub 16.
ITF Junniors Sub 18.
Professional Tournaments : Futures, Challengers, ATP and WTA Tour.
Monday to Friday:
4 hours of Tennis.
2 hours Physical Fitness.

2 hours of tennis.
1 hour Physical Fitness.

9:00h a 22:00h

365 days a year

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